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Q: what receiver/radio comes with the r-xsr model

gefragt von D0nt g3t Add1ct3d auf 2021-06-09 07:14:49

djeroen It doesn't come with a radio. You will need to buy it separately. A frsky taranis xq7 would be a good option

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Q: what are the compatable transmiters

gefragt von D0nt g3t Add1ct3d auf 2021-07-15 08:38:59

BG498404516 Anything with Frsky D8 protocol

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Trial_Gamer45 I got a wall plug and it came with a 2pin plug and I use my own uk plug no issues

D0nt g3t Add1ct3d 08/10/2021
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Q: there's any multimedia keys?

gefragt von BG232246331 auf 2021-06-19 11:53:53

Trial_Gamer45 It has some I don’t use them as they are under other buttons so you have to use the function button

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Q: is the battery built in

gefragt von Trial_Gamer45 auf 2021-10-20 06:25:08

AjgorQuagga yes

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