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Q: Does it do full acro? Can you use tri blade props? thanks

gefragt von BG121712837 auf 2021-10-03 04:27:51

DonKracho Yes it can do acro mode depending on you betaflight settings. It is nuch much more agile compared to a Tini Hawk with 1S

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DonKracho The UZ80 can fly very stable and slow depending on yout transmitter and betaflight settings. But I do not recommend to use it in free nature! The UZ 80 has no alarm beeper. If you crash you may not find it even in high gras.

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Q: Is 3.7 lipo or 3.8 LiHV?

gefragt von maxycma auf 2022-04-30 10:33:40

DonKracho The specifications of contoller and ESC to allow 1S LiHV (4.35V). I use it with LiHV too. The voltage is slightly higer only and does not break the electronics.

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Q: Does it support Alexa?

gefragt von PanosGR auf 2022-03-09 10:52:07

DonKracho No

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Q: Please explain Tilt vertical: 120°. What is maximum up/down?

gefragt von BG175411619 auf 2020-09-15 10:16:40

DonKracho Unfortunately it can not look up. From horizontal it goes to straight down 90° and further 30° up again. In summary 120°

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Q: what is the rtsp url syntax to stream image on VLC?

gefragt von BG131881332 auf 2020-12-26 07:02:57

DonKracho By default use rtsp: slash slash [ip of your cam]:554 slash 11 for mainstream or 12 for substream. rtsp can be configured to require credentials.

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Q: what is the recording format, h264 or h265?

gefragt von BG316133819 auf 2021-03-16 04:22:52

DonKracho It can be configured for booth H.264 (baseline, mainprofile, highprofile) or H.265 (mainprofile)

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Q: Can the camera firmware be updated if necessary?

gefragt von tholl auf 2020-10-28 03:29:04

DonKracho As long as there are no faults, I would not recommend to update the firmware. There is firmware on and can be updatated via the webserver integrated in the cam (http: ip of your cam). The firmware update applies a factory reset. Be aware that you will loose the WiFi connection.

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Q: this controlled with the eWelink app ?

gefragt von JinXed auf 2021-01-10 08:41:15

DonKracho No, The sample sketch preinstalled just switches the Relays in a sequence. The easiest way will be to flash tasmota.

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DonKracho 31/03/2020
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DonKracho Watchout for the CAM connection. It provides 10V. The Caddx EOS will shut down at 10V (gray image). Remove the red wire from the connector and put it on a 5V rail and everythng is fine. looks like Eachine has not tested this before delivery:(

jcreyes78 26/03/2019
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