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RicBorgs The R-XSR is better because you will have telemetry on the radio and not the goggles. You will be able to setup low voltage and RSSI warnings on the radio without the need to be distracted looking at the OSD on the goggles. The radio will vibrate and make sounds.

2021-08-26 07:27:54 Hilfreich (1)
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varefaz you must install the same fw on the radio and on the receiver. so same number same protocol (accst )

2021-03-01 10:15:47 Hilfreich (1)
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FrederiQ Ifwe arent talking about drones, radios etc.. than no, these googles have everything that you need at the start. Sure, you could buy better antennas, but thats about it.

2021-02-20 07:30:08 Hilfreich (1)
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