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PuffyPurpQc if you use an external CRSF receiver you'll be fine ! JP4in1 and CC2500 are the internal (SPI) TXs if you run FRsky RXs the Best bet would be CC2500 for Flysky RXs it should be JP4in1 if i remembrer properly ether you choose one or the other you can take any external TXs (ELRS, Crossefire,) and use it! if you already plan using external TXs take the controller model that can make you save money!

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Q: is this eu compatible version?

gefragt von BG419171205 auf 2022-02-19 01:34:18

PuffyPurpQc if you are asking about getting it ether in mode1 (throttle on the right stick) or mode2 (throttle on the left stick), yes it can do ! you adjust the springs tension underground the controller so you choose wich one does what

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Q: Güneş paneli monokristal mi?

gefragt von Rahmi06 auf 2021-09-03 10:17:19

Morseweed420 yes

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Morseweed normaly if you chose "put in your cart" ,there should be othher options too chose the controler and the amperage of the controler !

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