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Q: what is difference between #b and #za type

gefragt von biurogama auf 2023-12-29 03:18:25

The seller #B has an extra clear bottom knife.

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Q: What kind of tips I can use? Only HS 01, or another (T12. C210, 900m)?

gefragt von biurogama auf 2023-07-17 06:44:39

The seller Hello, welcome to send emails to consult online customer service.

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Q: Jaką jest moc silnika?

gefragt von biurogama auf 2023-06-14 06:52:42

The seller 180W.

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Q: Where can I download a manual? Is this possible or not?

gefragt von biurogama auf 2021-08-02 09:25:01

The seller I will check for you, or you can ask for it from our guest service.

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Q: How days validity it???

gefragt von berabiswa90 auf 2019-08-23 07:21:36

biurogama withoutany problem

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