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Q: Who sets the price on this plane? Really £210?

gefragt von femioye auf 2022-05-26 08:33:54

THXkid Simple whoever they want to, simple really, just dont buy if YOU cant afford it, gee whiz, its NOT you that sets these prices, but the manufacturer who designed and put the money into the design, they have COMPLETE control over pricing, not some Joe consumer!!!!

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Q: Is the shaft size 1.5 mm? ?

gefragt von JYOJYO auf 2019-07-15 05:44:24

THXkid Yesand I used screws on my props also.....

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Q: is the rp-sma male or female?

gefragt von Vadim auf 2021-04-09 02:41:26

THXkid Youcan get them either way I have both Male and female...........

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