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Q: gercekten 48 volt mu batarya. is the battery 48 volt?

gefragt von necatiertekin auf 2019-12-26 11:31:05

BG401344532 48 Vf is a kind of protection for the batteries not the power supply. The power supply battery is 21Volt.

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Q: can this be used in drilling concrete and steel?

gefragt von Erixson auf 2021-12-04 05:10:31

BG401344532 I could say yes, but it is not the best for that purpose. For that I advise you to buy a stronger one.

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BG401344532 As far as I know it only includes one filter and it can be cleaned, there is no need for a spare filter.

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Q: Is the drill variable speed, or only the two full speeds?

gefragt von Mayurms auf 2021-11-14 12:52:09

BG401344532 It is variable speed for both torque positions.

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Q: is this authentic?

gefragt von BG937154238 auf 2021-11-07 08:20:00

BG401344532 Yes it is. I bought one with two batteries and i am quite satisfied.

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BG401344532 There is no magnet! It has an accessory with double-sided sticky tape.

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BG401344532 I don't think so because OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity) copper, also known to be a commercially pure type of copper, is most suitable for audio cables as it has an alloy of almost 100 % of electrolytic copper, which ensures greater use at high frequencies, which is not the case for soldering tips.

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