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Q: Can the camera be operated with the PC (Windows 11)?

gefragt von BG321444103 auf 2021-11-04 08:47:54

NMaverick They say it is possible, they even offer a windows version of their app (, I got it connected, but maybe because of firewalls or distance from my router I wasn't able to get it to work.

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Q: can I turn off the light at night and camera still work?

gefragt von BG432248106 auf 2021-10-27 07:45:42

NMaverick The camera-bulb gets power from the E27 socket. This should be turned on (light switch on) to work. The white lights on the camera can be turned on or off (also the same with the startup voice prompts) via the app with the video footage still recording.

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NMaverick Tested it today with a professional tire meter for air. It is inconsistent and the meter is wrong. I Inflated my car tires to 32 PSI and metered them against a professional meter. There was 4-2 PSI difference towards up (results varied per tire from 34.5 to 36 PSI). Not suitable for this kind of precision. To make things worse, after inflating all four tires, the pump started to smoke. As I read afterwards you need to let it cool after 5-8 minutes of use. This is ridiculous if you take into account that you need as much to inflate a flat bike tire, let alone a car or motorbike. This is completely useless for inflating, but could be used as a very fat flashlight and powerbank.

NMaverick 08/04/2021
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Xuthus If you have questions, you can send an email for customer service help

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