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ralphellis1979 2020-09-01 07:25:57
I recently purchased an Oukitel WP5 Pro and I thought that I would offer a few comments on it. I bought it for very specific reasons. I wanted a rugged phone under 6 inches and with very long battery life. The WP5 Pro fits my needs very well and is one of the few phones with Android 10 that is under 6 inches. The phone is very solidly built as you would expect and has some nice touches such as a raised rim around the screen to prevent damage from drops. The Helio A25 processor, 4GB of ram and 64GB of storage is sufficient for the business, social media and map related apps that I rely on. I do not experience lag in any of my phone applications. I do not play games and do not install them on my phone. Those looking for a game oriented phone should look elsewhere as graphics power is not a key feature here. This is a thick and heavy phone due to the 8000mAh battery. This is part of the reason why I wanted to have a shorter 5.5 inch phone since this makes the Oukitel WP5 Pro a manageable size. The screen is clear and readable and it's smaller size contributes to the battery life. Typical users should expect 3 days between charges via USB C. Wireless charging is not available and in my case, not needed. Android 10 helps ensure that I keep getting monthly security updates via the Play Store which is a powerful feature with Android 10. This was a key priority for me. Firmware updates come OTA from the manufacturer and, as expected, hardware updates will be less frequent. The camera, while not elaborate, takes accurate and clear pictures and is sufficient for my needs. I would have appreciated Optical Image Stabilization but few phones in this price range have that feature. Those wanting a more powerful setup here should look at the WP7. If you are looking for a phone with exceptional battery life and non gaming functionality in a rugged phone, the Oukitel WP5 Pro is a great bargain that can be used worldwide due to the extensive network coverage. Definitely consider it
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