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FerretChris no, other way around. Skyzone makes the eachine goggles but the skyzones have better screens.

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Q: can i put an optical flow and bn220 gps with this fc??

gefragt von BG472217363 auf 2020-10-17 11:35:01

FerretChris the BN220 Yeah, I think so.. As long as it just has the 4 wires out you can use it.. U use power and ground, and then a TX and RX pad for the GPS.. The ones that use the I2C protocol you cant hook up because the FC doesnt have the SDA SCL pads

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Q: could it fly with a gopro ??

gefragt von poxon auf 2020-08-16 06:02:12

FerretChris fly it with the insta360 go

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Q: very very expensive .....

gefragt von BG173411833 auf 2020-08-07 03:52:22

FerretChris if your shit doesnt break, why do you need customer support?

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FerretChris yes indeed,this is THE first wing. :) easy to build, flys nice, lots of tutorials and help online for this model.. my only suggestion would be to buy domestic so you get it faster, rdq pyro getfpv

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Q: Will the RX receiver module for this fit into Eachine EV200D goggles?

gefragt von BG953504442 auf 2020-06-30 03:16:43

FerretChris it fits into any module bay.. fits into my HDOs and my skyzone external adapter.

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Q: can anyone tell me O/D of tubes

gefragt von rogerjsymes auf 2019-01-25 10:07:57

FerretChris od is 3mm, id is 2mm

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