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Q: *Seller only* can you confirm if this furnace will reach 1250 please

gefragt von ProDumbFPVYT auf 2021-11-30 05:46:38

The seller The maximum temperature can only reach 1150℃.

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Q: does this reach 1250°c? seen a review saying they can only set to 1150°c

gefragt von ProDumbFPVYT auf 2021-11-15 07:11:01

The seller you can send an email for customer service help

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Q: olá amigo fiz a compra com vcs já tem 3 semanas e nada de enviarem ainda??

gefragt von Walissonfernando auf 2019-04-14 07:08:38

ProDumbFPV use the support tab on the order details page and chat to support

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Q: Is this 40a x 4 or 40a total?

gefragt von lheywood23 auf 2021-10-30 03:34:09

ProDumbFPV 40a per motor

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Q: Ok, I have to specify: My phone has 78mm - does it fit?

gefragt von wahrmut auf 2021-03-03 11:58:19

ProDumbFPV yes it will fit no problem

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Q: I can use a 4S 850mAh lipo?

gefragt von juanjo25.escoba auf 2020-01-03 05:58:47

ProDumbFPV yes you can but the flight time may be lacking. I use funfly 1550 4s

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Q: Is this comapaticle witha Fli14 reciever

gefragt von Pjyyko auf 2021-09-09 11:11:37

ProDumbFPV yes! the fli14+ is a great choice for this. the xr602t oversky is a great choice too but needs soldered

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