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BG231016432 You won’t need it. It’s plenty fast and has good thrust to bring it up immediately.

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CrashResearch keep me posted, I just got the corsair and I'm a total greenhorn Dsylexic pilot. recently adapted the Spitfire 3 bladed prop to the Corsair! Love it, I saw a bad review on the Spitfire, is it easy are the boards fixed? thank you

jnealy 14/12/2021
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Q: Hi, is Mode 1 on the controller available?

gefragt von gunterkreutz auf 2020-06-10 08:05:24

CrashResearch It has a beginner as well as advanced mode.

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Q: are there spare parts available?

gefragt von broker4god auf 2020-05-28 09:04:53

CrashResearch There are certain spare parts available.

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crashresearch you replied to me, my point being is if it's cheaper to buy the parts like this and assemble yourself rather than buy the completed kit? assemble and buy a controller and fly? That's the ❓

Hobbyboy 26/01/2022
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Hobbyboy These are replacement or spare parts kit. you can buy everything or just what you need. Adding in your own electronics is super easy too

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