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Q: How long is the range on this camera?

gefragt von BG123281835 auf 2021-10-28 05:44:56

AlexDalakidis it will cover your line of sight flight... and definately cover your indoor-house flight

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Q: Can I use cam with only red and black wires? Without osd & smartaudio.

gefragt von FPV_Flights_Moscow auf 2019-04-25 02:31:23

AlexDalakidis yes of course.. you just have to connect the green ang the yellow together i think

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Q: What is the minimum focal distance, how close will it focus?

gefragt von BG215175324 auf 2021-08-02 08:54:47

AlexDalakidis haven't combined it yet with goggles - or otg smartphone - i reckon half meter??

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Q: What size card is used to take pictures and videos

gefragt von BG575317491 auf 2021-05-19 10:08:58

AlexDalakidis usually up to 32 gb...u10 class---although in mine it never worked-it never recognised the card. plus the video feed has frame drops so you dont really need one..take it as an gaining experience drone , until you can afford a better camera one (jjrx xp9s, eachine ex5, zirs s907 etc)

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