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Jimmy After further testing it does seem like the power supply really is worth the money, so far no problems at all, other than the scare i got at first when i recieved it.So far it seems pretty accurate and it looks to be able to handle the load in short term, tho i have not had a chance yet to stress test it in the longer terms.But over all, so far it is looking good and looks like it will perform well in the longer run too :-)

Jimmy 27/04/2021
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Q: is it for kawasaki z900 2018???

gefragt von jesus auf 2019-07-05 06:16:53

Jimmy Well...IMO it is WAY too small for a 900CC Engine, i would not go much past 150ccm pr Muffler (With Flute-Silencer) for a sports engine with this small silencer if it was my Bike. Without the Flute-Silencer part i would not go much past 400cc due to the inner resistance of the muffler, even tho it is a straight through muffler. I have this muffler on a 200cc ATV (With and without flute) and had it on a 450cc engine as well and the 450cc is struggling to get rid of the exhaust heat due to High backpressure even with full 32mm stainless exhaust system (32mm internal - 35mm external diameter pipe diameter) both with and without Titanium Power Wrap Unless you remove the silencer part completely (the flute) and then do Dual Exhaust or you Will choke your engine quite badly. My 200cc 4 stroke ATV with only about 15HP is struggling and overheating with the sliencer-flute in the exhaust (even in cold weather), but it runs Great and does not overheat at all when you remove the silencer-flute, not even when beating on it in the summer time (And YES i DID Re-Jett Carb according to my AEM Wideband O2 kit ;-). AND The Sound whithout the Silencer-Flute is quite Awesome even on a small 200cc engine. I hope all this have helped you out some :-)

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Q: I want to buy the waterpump. Does it include the connector?

gefragt von Batchmon auf 2018-12-05 07:28:48

Jimmy Mypacket of this was including the connector with about 10cm of wire, i would have prefered to just have the loose plug and pins to mount my own longer wire instead of having to extend the two 10cm short wires. More spliced connections = more prone to faulty connections.

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Q: Is there a Game List, a List of ALL the Games?

gefragt von Jimmy auf 2021-03-26 06:47:59

Barcar Zillie Ask customer service

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Q: can I install to aerox 155?

gefragt von BG533834649 auf 2020-11-04 08:33:20

Jimmy You can fit it to almost any Scooter or Motorcycle, it is quite universal with a load of ways to mount it. It is like almost only your imagination that sets the limit for ways of mounting this thing :-)

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