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elpa 27/05/2020
Overall is a vfm RC car capable for serious playing It's preassembled so you can run it just out of the box. Alloy big shock absorbers, basic but powerfull motor fully adjustable (camper,caster, suspension) nice wheels and tires, brush motor esc 60A. But if you are a RC enthusiasist then consider the following: after unboxing I prefered to check first how it was assembled in depth. so I disassembled and I found out that it was underlubricated or not lubricated at all in many critical points. I opened, cleaned and lubricated both front and rear differentials, all joints and transfer gearing. Shock absorbers are nice and big but due to incorrect assebly there were not able for full compression. So I opened them I replace oil with a thicker one (much much better cause pistons have 4 holes) and reassembled correctly. factory assembly has used in many points loctite or something similar but in huge quantities, thus many screws and nuts are difficult to unscrew. especially motor mounting screws was very difficult. in the box there are no tools coming with except a plastic lug wrench which is crap. Transmitter is too basic with no extra functions and it's range is roughly 100m. Regarding motor I replaced the stock one with an old brushed modified 540 motor 14x4 which can be run with the stock esc. esc has basic e-braking. motor mount is ready for 540,550 or smaller can motor in conclusion it is an interesting swifty and speedy buggy, seriously upgradable and with proper maintainance you gonna be happy with it for long
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Rindfleis it support smart tracking. Maybe operational problems, you can search the tutorial online.

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Q: When international version shall be available?

gefragt von elpa auf 2018-01-14 09:52:03

Ramamohan a month to two

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