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Kevin 2018-04-18 21:49:06
I had one of these motors arrive on my new Q105 Bat in a degraded state of functionality. The motor was weak and it would cause the drone to fly erratically and at low speeds it would often do a forward flip which always resulted in a crash. I ordered a replacement for the weak motor but the one I got was also really weak. The other three motors spin up very quickly and are strong, but the forth motor won't spin up until at least 1/4 throttle, and it is still weak. I've swapped motors and the weakness always follows the motor, so I know that the power and flight controller circuits are not bad. It's simply a bad motor. I suspect a lack of quality control is to blame, but who knows? All I know is that I've seen two of these motors show up in barely functioning condition, and that has limited the amount of time I've had to fly my Bat. Shipping times are close to a month to the USA so I've spent most of my time waiting for replacement parts to come in. I think I'm going with brushless motors next. These don't seem to last very long, if they work at all. At first I really thought my Bat was neat, but these failing motors and the weak forward arms on the Bat have left a sour taste in my mouth. It's an OK product, but just barely. I bought a cheap drone off Amazon that I've put hours and hours of flight time on and its motors are still strong and the drone is still responsive and very stable...and it was 1/4 the price! I'm going to order one more of these in the hope that I'll get a little more flight time out of my Q105 Bat before I have to retire it.
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