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Q: Is it suitable for FLYHAL FC600 ?

gefragt von BG161161454 auf 2023-05-19 06:40:19

grrf 99% sure it does, many ofthe 16889 parts do fit the flyhal

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grrf no it is NOT in the slightest waterproof,my last one lasted 1 run before breaking(not in water) Flash Hobby servo far faster and IS water proof.

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grrf yesit does have the internal parts, for fitting to the MN is requires a small bit of fiddling, you may also need the top saddles that fit to the axle for a wpl

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Q: does it work on JLB cheetah?

gefragt von alex_200t auf 2020-02-05 09:08:55

BG131624445 shoulddo if it is brushless motor

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Q: how many rpm

gefragt von BG412314454 auf 2021-12-11 12:42:03

BG131624445 it is 4300kv so 4300 rpm per volt

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