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Q: What would be the right crimp tool for these?

gefragt von PurplePrawn auf 2019-09-17 09:12:46

dr_vre I have the Paron JX-D5301 Crimping tool set. For these crimp terminals, the proper die would be the 1 mm2 slot in either JX-1601-08 or JX-1601-10 dies that came with the set. You can either purchase the set, or you can look for these dies and purchase either of the two and a Paron JX-1601 crimping tool to insert them into. The set makes much more sense to me, as it comes with stripping tool, screwdriver and 5 crimping dies, but the choice is yours.

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Q: Hello, what do we need to put in the machine so it makes fire?

gefragt von maximedeslauriers auf 2019-08-20 06:11:37

PurplePrawn It will use butane gas canister for gas torches.

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PurplePrawn I wouldn't want to use this on 240V. Ideally mains flex should be rated 500V and higher as 240V peaks at about 340V taking it over the rating.

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