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Q: Which version do you buy to use in Brazil?

gefragt von BG541239101 auf 2021-04-23 06:39:10

BG231164416 First of all check which band is used in your country...

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Q: does it has any warranty or guarranty?

gefragt von nbharanikumar auf 2019-11-11 04:16:05

BG231164416 It has as all the other items...

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Q: what's the power consumption per meter?

gefragt von kirkis auf 2022-09-12 03:42:10

BG231164416 You cannot cut it, because it has the IC chip, so I don't know exactly the power consumption per meter...

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Q: Has anyone tried it with Blitzwolf smart home app? Does it work?

gefragt von polcsa auf 2022-09-09 04:03:12

BG231164416 Yes I connect it with Blitzwolf app and yes it works excellent. You can also do smart scenarios with other Blitzwolf smart devices!!!

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Q: hola la tv es enviada desde España o desde China? gracias

gefragt von BG353201449 auf 2020-08-27 03:48:11

BG231164416 At this time it is sent from 2 warehouses. One from Spain and one from Czech republic. None from China...

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Q: Black color is out of stock. When it is gonna be restocked ?

gefragt von BG405057104 auf 2022-08-18 09:00:27

BG231164416 Please contact with Banggood customer support and ask your question...

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