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BG251056321 mine is only a 4g network maybe the newer version has a better signal receiver. so far mines better than Samsung and Nokia it picks up most networks

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Q: What framerate does the camera work at.

gefragt von Lucas auf 2021-09-19 02:59:11

BG251056321 its a 1080pixel dont no about film rate sorry

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BG251056321 as far as i no it can be done if in doubt google always comes in handy

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BG251056321 Hi you will have to buy a wifi exstender increases your signal three fold.

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Q: Does this dongle support monitor mode to be used with Kali ?

gefragt von corysus auf 2022-09-11 11:04:32

BG251056321 i couldnt tell you ive not received it yet

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BG251056321 12/02/2023
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