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Q: Will these fit around the 2 speed gearbox?

gefragt von Bill auf 2019-10-12 06:17:50

BG573716488 No i found them to short

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Q: will this fit 2 speed great box for wpl trucks? thanks

gefragt von Bill auf 2019-10-12 09:57:13

Molegrip is the wlp truck a 390 sized motor ??

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Bill well done and well said! you have sold me, thank you!

Dalek87 24/07/2020
I bought these to keep at my milling machine. I thought that I could look after my expensive ones. Use these as sort of guestimators. Now, I'm wondering why I paid so much for my others. There's some junk coming out od China. Soft metal...Chinesium. Soft drill bits. All sorts of rubbish. At the same time, they're producing things that are very well made. It's difficult to know what is what. Some woodworker might think that something measures accurately. For what they do, they're happy. People who work with metals need to be spot on. Or, withing a 10th of an inch. I played with these for hours. I was trying to catch them out. Couldn't. They are accurate. And they are reliable. Repeatable. They turn off after a few minutes. Turn it back on and your numbers are still there. The fraction part of it is really good. For my drills, it's so fast to check their size. Much better that those plates with holes in. More and more, I'm having to use the foreign cm and mm. I grew up with good old English inches. Find them easier and more accurate. These make it easier for me. I still want my Mitutoyos, but I've got a feeling that I won't be needing them very often. If at all. I might sell them all off. Because if these keep making such good quality tools, soon mine won't be worth much more. These are heavy. They feel good on the hand. Snap them closed and they go to zero. Every time. I've been using them a lot this week and I can't believe how good they are. It's good steel. Well machined. All edges broke. And they're smooth. Very smooth. I can't make up my mind if they are as smooth as my Mitutoyos. They are new. I'm sure that they'll bed in nicely. If they get sloppy, I'll be back to say so. You know when you pick up a good tool. And these feel like the real deal. I used to go for the brand names with tools. Now, I read reviews. I try to sift through the crap to find the gems. It's hard to know. So, I hope this helps you.
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Bill I run 1500mah 4s or 2200 3s and it does well with both. 3000 mah is pretty big but it should carry it, it'll just be heavy

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