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Q: Does this watch track your speed using GPS position?

gefragt von Davidsiu auf 2020-12-21 14:46:12

llumac The GPS position is recorded by the phone, once the watch is paired with the phone, you can see the data on the watch, but the GPS is that of the phone. If the phone is not paired with the watch by Bl... Mehr zeigen

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Q: when will be the black colour in stock ?

gefragt von BG575316481 auf 2020-11-18 18:37:07

llumac At the moment it is not available in black. We expect a prompt restitution in all colors

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Q: hi do you have any idea when this product Abe in stock again?

gefragt von BG231016441 auf 2020-11-11 14:15:31

llumac This model is Restocking. It will be available soon.

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Q: does the watch come with a magnetic charging device?

gefragt von Landrover auf 2020-11-02 10:32:04

llumac If it comes with the corresponding cable in magnetic mode

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Q: why is this plastic now, the last one I got was all metal

gefragt von homer_tbh auf 2020-10-10 01:59:27

llumac The metal one was more expensive, but in any case, according to the country, this type of metal defense is prohibited, therefore metal would not be viable to sell this product

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Q: Esse smartwatch exibe mensagem de whatssapp?

gefragt von Mauricio Nakano auf 2020-08-27 12:59:37

llumac Yes, whatsapp messages are received, but it is necessary to have the phone and the clock linked by bletooth for them to communicate. It only shows the header and who sends the message, to fill it out ... Mehr zeigen

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Q: Which i Phones will it work with?

gefragt von terrymhill auf 2020-07-23 20:23:59

llumac All devices that incorporate the Wireless charging function are of the brand that they are.

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