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Q: How can I record video to PC?

gefragt von Takaladuna auf 2020-08-04 21:57:59

argirisb you can record to the smartphone and then copy the file to pc. Alternatively you can take the microsd out can and read in a PC

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argirisb the camera specifications state that ONVIF protocol is not supported. And indeed, the Onvifer software I am using does not recognize the camera

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argirisb I just received mine and the CURS function never shows up even after holding the waveform or using single trigger. On top of that with leads shorted it always shows 5.2mV AC instead of zero. Is it t... Mehr zeigen

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argirisb I can access the recorded videos all right through You just need to login with the same credentials and have adobe flash installed (for viewing the videos)

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