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Q: Is this solar panel protected with tempered glass?

gefragt von aussie01 auf 2020-06-14 00:09:34

Vic Doesn'tlook like it.

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Q: do you have a black camera? (Escam PVR 008)

gefragt von raczandris auf 2020-06-29 11:41:52

Vic No the one I bought is white and works well. I can sometimes trick it on hands and knees wearing something dark but generally not as it now takes me too long to get up again.

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Vic Nojust gravity and float. Up one wau goes off to on and the other on to off thanks to Newton.

2020-06-23 05:45:40 Hilfreich (0)
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Vic Noit works fine so I just straightened the minute hand and put it on the wall with no background. Looks great I just suggested they pack better next time.

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Q: is it a soft copper hallow rod??

gefragt von Nikhil98 auf 2019-07-04 00:51:27

Vic Yes

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