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Q: 3000MW = 3TW?

gefragt von TheRaptus auf 2020-06-22 14:55:03

Chordmerchant This amp is ridiculously overpriced. You can buy vintage hi-fi power amps for this kind of money.

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Q: is this compatible with fs-a8s

gefragt von BrianBernier auf 2019-07-26 22:32:48

Chordmerchant Go on to YouTube. There are many videos on radio setup for the i6 and i6X. I was having issues s well. Watched a video pertaining to my problem and now my radio is setup and working perfectly.

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Q: if ordering from USA does it come with USA plug? 120v?

gefragt von sjalbright auf 2019-12-14 09:07:56

Chordmerchant Does this run off if 220 volts, or I does it use a 220 volt ac to ? dc converter? “Wall wart”

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Q: Hello, When will this item be back in stock?

gefragt von mystic_seer auf 2018-04-22 18:42:13

Chordmerchant It’s in stock now.

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Q: quais as medidas em centímetros?

gefragt von rsabaini auf 2019-06-03 13:08:59

Chordmerchant I don’t understand Spanish, sorry.

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Q: hi is this transmitter can also be used for ground vehucles?

gefragt von Dickbert Soibam auf 2019-01-08 03:59:31

Chordmerchant FS-iA10B is best, but the 3, 6 and 9 channel fly sky Rx have all worked well for me with this radio.

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Chordmerchant Ordered mine on 8 05 2020 shipped on 8 E 15 2020. It’s now 9 13 2020. I ordered my 182 Skylane at the same time and got it a couple of days ago. Why doesn’t Banggood send a few cargo containers to the... Mehr zeigen

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