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Adi 2018-10-30 10:40:34
I used it for 2weeks, first recharge last for about 6days (with highest brightness, recharged at 20% remaining battery), the second recharge: after 7 days is at 66% (with normal brightness). The application can be improved: to memorize the actual measurement (not only the score); to set the brightness from application (for day / night); to set recurrent measurement... The BT communication for blood measurements often fails. The brightness has 3 basic levels: 1 - very low - can be used during the night (1 line), the second is for normal indoor use (2-3 lines) and the third one is for outdoor used (3 levels almost identical: 4-6 lines, vizible in sunny days). The watch need a smart phone connection to set up the time (at least first time). If BT fails, it should be restarted the BT from the phone (smart watch reset does not help, only resets all your measurements...). In the manual it is indicated not to swim, in the advertising swiming is allowed - I did not swim with the watch (swiming was one of the reason I select this watch...) Overall I consider it a very good aquisition for the price I paid.
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  • BG573744020 hey hii... how is the watch performing now?? is everything working ??

    Antwort 2019-05-09 10:05:21
  • Adi @BG573744020 The watch stops yesterday... it can be charged but no other operation is valid - seems that the screen cover is broken - poor material - last for 1 year and 2 month...
    I changed the bracelet 2 month ago (the original ones get broken - the material is sable for about one year...)

    Antwort 2020-01-16 02:46:56
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