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joseasa 2019-01-10 06:17:15
Well , 7000 lumen is a real exaggeration, a very good LED give a 110 lumen watt, so if the led inside is 30Watt , 3300 max could be obtained, but even so , only at the LED itself , after the LCD and the lens ... more like 1200 at the screen at a 2 meter distance.. The supplied cable was US, but a minor inconvenience. The menus come in Chinese... took some time to find the place to set in a more common language.Test with some films in a SD card and got a decent result, not a very true colour. But again for the price ... is a very capable projector. The audio is loud and clear, but the ventilation noise is a bit loud too.... Again for the cost it's a very recommended device. But a 3 LCD Epson should be better image quality, and much higher cost...
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