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phils 2018-11-17 12:53:43
I have three Starcam Security cameras installed in my security system but one's infrared lights stopped working so I ordered a replacement and spare for my system. Today I got time to install one and found that the power cord was one like I had never seen before and is probably for European or Asian systems because it won't plug into anything I have ever seen. I will be contacting Banggood to see if they have a converter or will I have to return both cameras. I am sure Banggood will make it right they have always been very good to deal with.
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  • Banggood Dear phils, Thank you for choosing Banggood and sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have forwarded your feedback to our customer service team and will give you a proper solution within 24-48 hours.  If you have any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form at this link:  Personal Computer: Mobile:  We will do our best to assist you.  Best regards, Banggood Team

    2020-10-25 19:11:42
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