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kenpower 06/02/2022
You have marked my order on my computer as complete and now request a Review. Despite your notice, the order is most certainly not complete. My experience in the past is that my action on receipt triggers the "Order Complete", but there has been NO DELIVERY so you are not entitled to record the orders complete?
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  • Banggood Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing Banggood and sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please tell us more information about your problem via these links?Personal Computer: We will do our best to assist you after we receive the email. Thanks for your understanding and have a nice day. Best regards, Banggood Team

  • kenpower When I reacted I was upset that on my Banggood webpage you had marked the order complete and closed. I now know that the package was actually sitting in my local depot for possibly two weeks. Happily, it arrived in my mailbox today, along with another small package from Banggood which I was expecting about now.My apologies for my impatience, but another small package ordered at the same time actually reached me on January 29th !I now realise none of it was the fault of Banggood, but all our local overloaded system.

    Antwort 08/02/2022
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