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  • 05/10/2018

    After flashing with TASMOTA you can listen to unlimited amount of devices and control 16 things (buttons). Super product!

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  • 21/08/2021

    Die Lieferung aus der Tschechischen Republik nach Deutschland dauerte 10 Tage. Das Produkt kam in einem sehr guten Zustand. Die anfängliche Stromaufnahme beträgt 5mA. Ich glaube, dies wird sich erhöhen, sobald es mit dem WiFi verbindet. Wie Sie auf dem Bild sehen können, hat es eine FCC-ID, so dass Sie mehr Informationen (einschließlich Messungen) von dort erhalten können. Alles in allem ist alles in Ordnung. Vielleicht hilft das jemandem bei der Entscheidung.

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  • 26/08/2017

    Got one of these hoping that it would work with my standard 433-MHz security sensors. It appears to. I just wish that it wasn't limited to only four sensors. I also tried to get it to learn the codes for my Etekcity RF outlets but it struggled. Sometimes it would learn the code and sometimes not. When it did learn the code, it wouldn't always work with the outlet. Must not be able to duplicate the exact bit timing for some devices. I've made my own RF bridge for these outlets so I know it can be done.

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  • 04/07/2019

    Sonoff termékekkel inkább kompatibilis, a többi kicsit lutri.

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  • 08/10/2017

    1. wifi pairing. three different routers with wifi AP. "tenda" wifi - fine "d-link" wifi - cannot connect "eltex" (broadcom) - connects, but can't find server. after some games with configuration (netmask must be, DNS must be proxied) all three connected normally. 2. resetting. "press reset for 5 sec" is not correct description. when device is shortly blibking blue, you need to hold reset for ~5sec, then blue led lights with 3 flashes and you're to hold reset for another ~3sec. device starts blinking blue - this means, that it is ready for pairing. 3. compatibility with 433mhz devices all wall switches, remotes and sensors in my house were connected successfully, without any notes. (broadcom, digoo, v-home, leagoo and unbranded) 4. software easy. installed from market. updated firmware of device via software - also fine. 5. working when both lamp and its remote were in ~15 meters and 2 walls between this device and them - tried to "learn" remote. learned fine (one button - from 2nd try, another - from 1st). immediately tried to control lamp with device - also fine. stats for trying to switch onn/off: 5% clicks didn't work, 20% works from 2nd try, all the 75% rest works on 1st click. 6. some "pro-and-contra": - no way to see log of "presses" - both in it, or received from original remotes. (for example, if someone turns on the light via remote - it would be really nice to see "Button A of remote for Room B was pressed monday, 12:15 PM") - only 16 saveable items. too few for smart home, if there's more, than 1-2 rooms there. - no client for ms windows - no web-interface - no way to access network settings. most devices has "save and reboot" feature for changing network settings, so i can enter netmask, dns and AP configuration manually, and device will be linked with another AP on reboot. - not sure, if device can be linked to another wifi AP without erasing stored codes of remotes. + price. it's awesome + design. also fine + energy-saving + size. it's ~5 times smaller, than triangle broadlink IR+RF remote. + everything else: android app, functionality (except written above), etc . note: better to use a small power-bank, that is plugged into power with this device - it has no bulit-in power-failure accu (but it's needed in fact) note: no USB cord for powering included

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  • 08/11/2019

    Very small piece of equipment. It works perfectly with the ewelink app. It can host only 4 devices with the original firmware.

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  • 03/07/2019

    o produto chegou rápido e em perfeito estado. um ótimo produto.

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  • 18/03/2018

    The PCB is the same but there is a nice LED bar which highlights the Sonoff logo. This makes flashing a bit more difficult since you cannot solder the serial connector permanent to the board. This is what you need to do: Remove the black rubber parts at the corners of the housing, this shows 4 screws remove the screws and open the housing. Solder the connector on the backside Place the switch under the LED bar in the 'off' position Power the board via USB while pushing the pairing button Flash the board Put the switch back in the 'on' position Remove the connector from the backside of the board Close the housing and place the rubber parts to hide the screws Make sure you never flash faulty firmware since you have to resolder the connector. You can use both Tasamota and Espurna and switch with OTA upgrades. I like Espurna a bit better because it has a web interface to learn your remotes.

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  • 01/12/2017

    this small size box can change 433 MHz devices to connect to any wifi router and controlled it from everywhere. it comes without power source or cable. the power is micro USB like Mobile phone.

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  • 13/06/2021

    Gute RF Wifi Bridge, bereits in der Vergangenheit eine gekauft, blitzte es mit TTL - Adapter auf Tasmota offene Firmware und aktualisierte den RF - Chip mit "Portisch" - Firmware, um eine größere Bandbreite an RF - Codes zu unterstützen. Verknüpfte es schließlich über MQTT mit Home Assistant "wolkenlos". Sehr kompaktes Produkt (gleiche Größe/Box wie die Sonoff Zigbee Bridge), mit 2 Aktivitäts-LEDs. (RF & Wifi) Das Sonoff Cover Logo-Text wird mit grüner LED hinterleuchtet. Die Stromversorgung erfolgt mit einem USB-Mikrokabel (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten) Hat eine lange RF-Reichweite. Gute billige RF Produkt.

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