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mmihelic 06/11/2020
Awesome little truck. Very punchy for a 1/16 scale. Mine had a couple of flaws that could result in downtime. The servo wire was rubbing against the central driveshaft and it stripped away the insulation on one wire. I wrapped the spot with electrical tape and I ran the servo lead a different way to move it clear of the drive shaft. The rear right driveshaft was rubbing on the shock coil. I moved the shock to a different hole on the shock tower to get it clear of the driveshaft. The differential has all metal gears. And very little grease. I added more grease. Fo a smoother run I recommend you replace the stock shocks with oil shocks. For a longer runtime just connect two batteries in series and stack them on their side. You will need a longer velcro. All in all, If you are looking for a 1/16 scale basher you cannot go wrong with this truck.
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  • BG173411119 O CARRO E A PROVA DA' GUA

    Antwort 25/12/2020
  • BG164410985 el auto cuenta con la barra azul y si es la version 1635?

    Antwort 04/01/2021
  • mmihelic Ijust found out that the Xinlehong 9125 1600mAH LiPo is a perfect fit for the Smax. With a longer battery strap you can even fit two and double drive time. You can use this plug:

    Antwort 25/01/2021
  • mmihelic Max speed of my truck on flat tarmac on 2S LiPo is 45km/h. Popping wheelies is also no problem.

    Antwort 14/03/2021
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