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Thor0001 28/03/2022
Introduction In some households, low humidity is a problem, especially in winter, while in others it is too high. The ideal range is usually 40-60%. Higher humidity increases the risk of bacteria and fungi multiplying. And that's exactly what the high-performance Xiaomi Widetech dehumidifier, which can absorb up to 18L of moisture in 24H, can effectively prevent. A little bit about what you know about the device Thanks to the high power of 240 W, the dehumidifier can "pump out" up to 24 liters of water from the room air in 18 hours. For example, storing it in a 250 ml plastic bottle could cause up to 72 pieces to come out. The device can reduce humidity in a room of 5-40 square meters. Its water tank is 2.7 liters. The dehumidifier Xiaomi NEW WIDETECH Smart Dehumidifier is a smart dehumidifier! You can safely turn it on even after washing washed clothes, because it can also bind the steam after washing, thus helping the clothes to dry faster! Of course, it can be connected via the Mi Home app to control fineness and access various functions! If you have Xiaomi Xiaoai speakers, you can even control it by connecting to it. The machine will switch off automatically as soon as the water tank is full and it will also appear on the screen as a warning! Design and first impressions I honestly admit to him as well as the previous test I was really looking forward to because he knows more than his predecessor. This came to the family to order, but once it came I tested it as well. I don’t want to shoot the joke, but like the previous one, the same one was received here. Nicely wrapped, not back and forth, everything has its place. There was a beauty flaw here as well, if you remember it was the same as the previous one, the cover that came with the device, which we can pull on if we don't use it for a long time, well it was crumpled the same way! Test run The Xiaomi Widetech Dehumidifier offers 5 modes and 3 speeds. Another advantage is that the device can dehumidify at...
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