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truhlik_fredy 2016-10-12 05:10:26
It's not temperature adjustment, but power adjustment, but still it's good enough. It's plenty powerful I even need to use it only on 1/3 power and it heats up very quickly. I'm very happy with the tips they work very well. For sure great value for money. It feels bit flimsy (i hear wiggling something when I move my hand around), but works very solid. Probably the best budget soldering iron to start soldering with.
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  • truhlik_fredy Update after 4 moths of using I still use the first tip, which is very surprising quality. Everything works so far as new. And the soldering iron after printing this holder works well with other stands, or can be used without a stand. Very happy with this soldering iron.

    Antwort 2017-02-08 13:28:31
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