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deadbyte 13/07/2020
I pre-ordered the Type 5 thinking it has the aluminum handle as the picture shows. I thought I hit the jackpot, as the aluminum handle variants are much more expensive. What came with the package was the black plastic Ksger branded handle (shown in pic; Banggood product ID 1613852). Aside from that misleading listing image, I've no complaints. The handle I received indeed have the silicone cable and rubber/silicone grip. It was great in the hands. The unit is small, and low-profile, compared to my old 936 clone. It works as described. I'm very satisfied with the product so far. Might be the last time I'd buy a station (until of course it breaks).
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  • deadbyte This is the handle:

    Antwort 14/07/2020
  • BG502317165 How'sthe fitment on this Type 5 handle? I watched a review for the aluminum one and it was apparently very hard to insert and take out tips.

    Antwort 06/01/2021
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