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sriharshasatish 2018-01-29 09:56:31
1. After Getting the Product Directly Don't Try To watch The Moon Its Not That Much easy. First Learn This By Watching Surroundings. 2. I See Moon Clearly With Every Black Dots After Some Several Tries Here Adjusting Every Millimeter Is So Much Important. 3.U Have To Move Both Eye Focusing System And Eye Piece Tube. Eye Piece Is Main important Than focusing System (Wheel) 4. After Set U Have Only 30 To 45 Seconds To Watch Because Moon Is Moving. U Have To Set Again For Another Visit. U Can Slightly Adjust The Telescope It Requires More Skills And Experience 5. In The 3rd Image Is Moon With Green Glass Added But My Phone Did Not captured Moon Clearly It Requires SLR Cameras 6.Adding Green Glass Is Must To See Moon Else U Cant Focus Much Better Because Of Light Rays Coming From Moon 7. For Shorter Distances Like Watching Surroundings U Can Easily Learn Quickly In Day Time 8. Quality Of Product And Screws And Caps everything In The Box Is Made Of Good Quality... Low Cost Highest Quality. 9. Four languages Is Given In Manual. 10. This Telescope IS Light Weight. U Can Take It Easy.
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