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kriftoft 04/10/2019
Awesome camera. It moves very fast. It is better to install the application yourself, because the company QR code is misleading, whereas on a PC I cannot change the language. Why do I see only Chinese subtitles? I have changed to English and nothing has changed.
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  • NuclearCockroach Usethe camera feature on google translate and use your phone to read what it says. I know this is not a fix but it is a nice work around if you can not read a language.

    Antwort 20/10/2019
  • Kentin62 Whatis the name of the software?

    Antwort 20/10/2019
  • MasterTech j in manage. 🐟
    5tttut6yu e4bghkrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    Antwort 10/11/2019
  • gianniszeteko after switching to English, then press save.

    Antwort 19/11/2019
  • eliac7 Name of app?

    Antwort 30/12/2019
  • babiakt czy jesteś zadowolony z tej kamery, czy masz jakąś jeszcze lepszą? czy można włączyć powiadomienia itp?

    Antwort 13/03/2020
  • tsopanoskilo67 @eliac7 v380pro

    Antwort 06/02/2023
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