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Stevesteve 2020-04-06 08:04:19
The camera is 'ok', recordings are of decent enough quality for such a cheap camera, they are sharp and 1920x1080 as advertised but the camera does have some bad points. The USB and SD card are located on the bottom f the camera which means you cannot permanently mount this camera on something as you need to remove it to access the USB or SD card to retrieve the video files or charge it. I have opened the camera with the intention of rotating the camera sensor inside but its not possible due to the very short ribbon cable which is directly soldered to the main pcb. The other negative point is the user interface, its not the easiest to use, the instructions are not clear and the camera turns the led OFF when recording making it hard to know if its recording or if you have accidentally turned the camera off! All in all, the video recordings are god quality and once you have the hang of the weird way the camera is operated, its a very decent camera for the price but if you want to fit this on top of an rc plane or similar, bear in mind that it cannot have the SD card and USB accessed whilst mounted to your craft.
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