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FAQs about COVID-19

Recently, we have received tons of concerns and worries from our customers due to COVID-19. Here Banggood would like to make an announcement, we hope we can provide a satisfied shopping experience for all of our valued customers as always. Darkness will be gone as long as we stick together, Banggood will always be with you.

Q: Will my package have COVID-19?


A: Each package is disinfected before leaving our warehouse. The World Health Organisation states that viral diseases cannot be transmitted through packages, but we still disinfect them for added safety. Read more>



Q: Will order processing slow down?


A: At present, COVID-19 has been suppressed in China, and shipments in Chinese warehouses will not be affected in any way. The order processing time of warehouses in the United States and the Czech Republic is also still 3 days.



Q: Will the shipping time slow down?


A: Due to COVID-19, some goods are restricted, and we cannot ship to some countries. If we can’t ship your order now, we will ship it immediately after the restriction ends; this ensures you get your items as fast as possible.

As these restrictions are unpredictable, the shipping time limit for your order may be extended beyond what is displayed on the product page/checkout.



Q: Are there any adjustments to the after-sale policy?


A: If you are unable to accept the package and the package is returned, we will not charge any fees and issue a full refund!

 If you want to return an item and are presently unable to send it to us, we will extend the return time until the epidemic is over!


Q: What is Banggood doing during the COVID-19 virus?


A: We are working hard to supply certified sanitary products and complete in house testing to ensure that every product we offer you is safe, reliable, and meets the national safety certification. Banggood now offers a variety of masks, disinfection gel, and other epidemic prevention products, as well as household daily necessities. We aim to do our part in helping the world to overcome COVID-19.
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