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Hrumque 2018-05-29 18:00:53
This is "dual" led bulb - White and RGB. Not "rgbw" in fact. White leds are bright almost as 100W standard bulb, and can be dimmed few times, down to 25W bulb level (but this is not too dim, still too bright for night lamp). Color (RGB) leds are dimmer than White (and cannot be used simultaneously), Colors are ok (especially yellow and orange - very nice), can be dimmed too, and can produce "white" too , but much dimmer and with very poor color/white balance (instead of "true white" from white leds) - you see that is not white, only mix of separate R+G+B. Bulb have memory of last setting, so when you shut it down with 230v switch, and powered on 230v again - remember last color and brightness (or OFF state)
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