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ladyk 12/03/2020
Objednal jsem si ten menší,ale je parádní!!!!!!Jsem velmi spokojený,posudte sami na fotkách
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  • BG393346154 Ibought 2 of these about a year ago and they are really well made and perfectly square imho. I checked them against my DIN-875/0 macvhinists square that I know is correcty and these were both perfect. I didn't get a nice box like this though. They came in 2 brown boxes but were in the white foam material and safely secured in there whch was fine by me. I have collected a lotta perfectly Sq squares over the past year and it's nice to have them and these 2 smaller ones will last me the rest of my life and I will pass them on to other members of my family. Little heirlooms from me as a woodworker/metalworker/machinist/Jack of All Master of no trades.. haha! I love my little squares bro..LMAO

    Antwort 24/06/2023
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