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  • 31/01/2017

    Собирали с сыном 5 лет. Он сам паял, собирал. Доволен как слон и процессом сборки и готовым результатом. Отличный конструктор. Рекомендую. Жаль только это не совсем полноценные часы. Нет будильника. Нет даты. Время установить можно только при первом включении. То есть надо разобрать корпус и передернуть батарейку, чтобы перевести время. Время отображается при нажатии на левую кнопку на 5 секунд, затем индикаторы гаснут

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  • 26/09/2016

    This is DIY kit. The components is not too much and the PCB is very nice and easy to solder. The components allocation is pack but it is simple to solder, even for beginners. The acrylic case is very nice and well engineered. Got job for the case. It is a little bit tricky when mounting the screw over the up and bottom case. We must make the watch flat and if the screw is not align with the nut just make the watch flat and shake or knock the watch slowly with a screwdriver. It will fit nicely !. About the performace, it is nice in the dark, but it is a little bit difficult to see the time in clear place. The showing time is approx 2-3 secs, very fast. The battery will last for only one day (in my environment). Anyway, overall, nice DIY kit for electronics hobbyist.

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  • 03/06/2017

    This is my second DIY soldering kit from Banggood and it was fun to assemble and looks great. Not a watch you'd wear to a formal event unless the theme was Steampunk though. I love it!! It took about 45 minutes to assemble and the hardest part was inserting the switches. I used very thin 0.4 mm solder for everything but soldering in the battery buckle. 0.4 mm was a bit thin. Next time I'll go 0.6mm or 0.8 mm. VERY IMPORTANT: The case has several very fragile pieces so, as per the great English instructions, be VERY careful when you peel off the protective film. I cracked one. Thank goodness for Crazy Glue. Also, attaching the strap took a bit of planning so be patient. It's obvious once you get it but you'll need to have the case partially assembled to insert the strap so plan ahead. Highly recommended.

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  • 18/01/2017

    Fun to put together and works almost perfectly. The only issue is that the decimal point of the hours units digit flashes, as well as the Hours:minutes colon. Since the display is multiplexed, my guess is that this is a software issue rather than a soldering fault. Has anyone else had this? Other people's photos don't show it.

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  • 15/02/2016

    Nice watch with interesting assembly. Includes a english instruction, but since it only contains a handful of components it's pretty self-explainatory. The housing is a bit flimsy to assemble (2 screws through 5 layers of plexiglass into a nut, per front/back side). Aside from that it's a nice little project. Assembly time: about 30 minutes Difficulty: Easy

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  • 25/05/2018

    Desde pequeño siempre me fascinó la electrónica. Actualmente soy ingeniero. Me siento muy feliz de llevar conmigo este reloj que yo mismo armé y que representa la tecnología de los Chips. ¡SALUDOS!

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  • 26/05/2020

    Es funktioniert. Es funktioniert tatsächlich. DS1302 wurde wie ein Squashed Cockroach und einer der 7 Seg war dimmer als andere, aber es war funktional. Es DID NICHT mit einer Batterie (CR2025) kommen. Und der Gurt ist buchstäblich der Batteriegurt, den man bekommt, wenn man eine Drohne kauft. Er ist TOLERABLE.

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  • 03/05/2019

    muito bom! fácil montagem. só tive dificuldade na montagem da caixa de acrílico.

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  • 07/02/2019

    Simple and complete! Fun with the kids!

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  • 13/12/2018

    neat project, it didn't quite work out for me. something on it just doesn't work, haven't been able to troubleshoot it yet and figure out what the issue is, but I will.

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