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simonderricutt 2019-04-23 06:21:26
Though you can build this using the enclosed step-by-step paper document, this does not have text but only pictures. The text+pictures version is on the TF card+USB adapter included in the kit, and this would be easier. One point that would be useful to mention is the X-axis attachment to the left-hand carrier that moves on the Z-axis, where simply putting the screws in will result in the X-axis not being horizontal. You'll need to adjust this after fitting the X-axis to the Z-axis, leaving the screws a little loose while you adjust the angle and then taking it off the Z-axis to fully-tighten it. There is slack in the Z-axis movement, and the X-axis can be moved up and down at the right-hand side while the left side remains at the same height, so this bit of adjustment will take some care to make sure that the X-axis is properly levelled. The X-axis hangs on the upper outside wheel and the inner wheel, and the two inner wheels keep it located in the X-direction, so the outer bottom left wheel and the two outside right wheels don't need to be in contact with the tracks. The Y-axis belt needed tensioning correctly, since it was a bit slack. It's worth spending some time checking to make sure that all the bits are adjusted well and that the screws are all tightened. After it's all set up and you've got something like Cura set up to do the slicing, note that the PLA filament in the box is only around 5m and 13g, so unless you've got a reel of filament in the same delivery you'll need to scale the squirrel-chess pieces to do a test print. This worked flawlessly for me. Though relatively cheap, this is a great 3D printer and works well. Everything you need is in the box, though maybe you might prefer KISSlicer as your slicer software, which gives some nicer options.
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