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  • 21/05/2016

    Utilissimo strumento per poter stagnare. E' dotato di un paio di pinzette (Coccodrilli) per poter bloccare una scheda, un filo od altro da stagnare, il tutto con snodi che danno infinite regolazioni. C'è il supporto per lo stagnatore e una doppia lente d'ingrandimento, la maggiore è un 20X. Utilissima e potente la luce Led posta sotto il gruppo lenti. Sotto la base c'è l'alloggiamento per le 3 batterie mini stilo (NON in dotazione) che alimentano i 2 LED. Consigliato Arrivo in poco piu' di una settimana poiche' arriva da un magazzino in Germania.

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  • 14/10/2017

    Quality is good enough for hobbyists. Setting it up takes only 2 minutes and easy. You may need to use pliers to tighten the screws. base is stable enough to hold the soldering iron as seen in the picture.

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  • 02/03/2017

    Very good and precise...

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  • 10/10/2016

    I've successfully used this to solder small stuff with very small wires and soldering iron! Light could be more powerful, but not a big issue!

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  • 16/07/2021

    Funktioniert gut

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  • 05/12/2012

    I've bought this tool because I was having trouble with a soldering task. So, I searched online and decided to give it a try. When the tool arrived it was almost ready to use, just nedded to assemble one of the clamps and soldering iron stand. The magnifier glass was in perfect condition, no scratches at all. Using the adjustable clamps you can approach or move away your objects from the magnifing glass, allowing you to zoom in or zoom out. I like to solder with plenty of light and the leds can provide an extra kick. Didn't used the soldering iron holder because I have my own already, but I think it can be adapted to hold something else, use your imagination. I think this tool is really usefull and can be used for almost any task when two hands are not enough. Tip: use some rubber band pieces with the clamps to hold some delicate objects.

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  • 05/02/2014

    The only bad thing i can find after using this Mag Glass is that the screws used to tighten the Helping Hand Clips are hard to tighten(too small to grip). Thus the hands can only be used to hold wires/circuit boards close or resting on the table. It does not do a good job holding your work up without moving the whole arm setup while soldering. Other than that it does its job.

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  • 14/06/2014

    The item arrived in a squashed box, but was intact, or so I thought. The lens ring had come off and thus the lens holder, lens and sealing ring were all separate. Tried to fix it but kept coming apart. After a couple of emails back to Banggood.com they sent me a replacement unit. Well done Banggod.com! The item is adequate for its price, but I find the base too light weight, even with the batteries in it. The light is, well, not much use. A better, brighter LED would have done the job better. The "elbows" are cheap and nasty, i.e. they do their job, but very fiddly indeed. I won't be adjusting them much so this doesn't bother me too much. If I was to buy another one, I'd buy something bigger and find out what the base is made of and its weight., as well as how good the lighting is. All in all, as the title suggests, this product is adequate for the price I paid and does the job (for small projects.)

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  • 18/02/2013

    Очень качественная и удобная "третья рука"! Увеличительное стекло крепится на гибкой ножке с диодной подсветкой, что очень полезно для пайки мелких деталей. Зажимы легко трансформируются в любом положении и крепко держат деталь. Также радует низкая цена)

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  • 04/11/2016

    I allmost burned the board on my racer, so decided it was time for some aid. Its nice and small, dosnt take up much space. The claws seems to hold the position good, after some thightning. The LED are bright, but the angle could have been aimed abit better for the center of the glass. Over all am I happy whit the product, thanks.

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