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simonderricutt 2020-01-29 07:57:43
Installation ran well, and this seems to be a genuine W10 although I can't find the official sticker (may be inside). Though the box became a bit warm, no excessive heat produced. Overall a good replacement for the standard desktop box unless you want to run latest games. Quick enough for a good experience on the net, and low power requirements. I'll probably add an extra solid-state disk to this one to dual-boot with Linux, since the 64Gb SSD might be a bit small when divided further and Windoze doesn't like sharing disks that much, but we'll see how that goes. The quality of construction seems high, and there's enough connectivity that the old desktop boxes can be retired (so gets rid of the fan noise when sitting at the desk). All in all, recommended as a desktop replacement if you're doing office or design work and don't need the raw speed and graphics of a gaming box. USB3 ports give the possibility of fast extra disk space if needed.
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