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Thor0001 16/11/2021
I was really looking forward to this little gadget. I bought it for my wife, it is true there is a roborock robotic vacuum cleaner next to it, but I thought sometimes it is not a price to mop. It's not pretty at first glance, but it's not ugly either. Simple design, simple interface. The machine can be assembled quickly, it is not very rude, it had to be charged at the beginning, but it charges relatively quickly, this is also indicated by a small filling strip. We get a small stand to which we put in plus two mops marked with two colors, depending on which side we need to put it on. The water tank is very fond of collecting dirty and clean water separately, it is visibly capable of rough washing. The downside is that the brushes don’t touch, so the gap between the two heads needs to be wiped on again because it will skip it. When you’re done, you have to put water in the rack and then fly the brush in it to wash itself, which it does well. Then remove the brush and place it in the holder to allow it to dry. Overall, I am satisfied and not. I bet a lot on the price, but it's worth it anyway
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