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satike 2019-01-15 06:05:09
I have bought a Beelink S2 Gemini Lake N5000 with a 2.5 inch HDD bay. Its expandability with a larger SSD was decisive in my purchase. When I plugged the SSD, it was not detected by the BIOS. During lots of trials and errors, including miscellaneous configurations of the BIOS, I have noticed that sometimes it gets recognized. I am sure that it is never detected after a shutdown from any of the drives. The times it is recognized are the restarts initiated from Windows boots in any of the drives, including the new 2.5 inch SSD and USB drives. A non-windows restart or power button start was a non-starter or dead end. In conclusion, Beelink S2 Gemini Lake N5000 is not SSD upgradable unless its BIOS is updated in a way to support an SSD.
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    2020-10-25 21:13:44
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