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markmcc60 31/08/2021
Received faster than I expected, and very happy got this as an upgrade from my uv 5r. Just as easy to use and uses the same programming cable and extra hardware as my 5r so the extra power/range is well worth it. Programming was a little nervous as it doesn't show up on chirp list of radios but as the instruction manual says it is an update for the UV 5R - I USED THAT it was easy, cannot say what range increase yet but it is picking up chat that the old one isn't. I have included photo of programming cable purchased separately. Other photo shows size comparison and that the s9 was receiving while the 5r wasn't.
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  • BG943912111 Hello.I would like to ask how many Watt is?

    Antwort 05/09/2021
  • markmcc60 As per detail 10w.. In my location it is working well at about 5km, the 5r was about 3km,

    Antwort 06/09/2021
  • Mirec82 Hi

    Antwort 18/12/2021
  • Mirec82 Hi-I want to ask if you ordered your programming cable on UV-s9 plus as a uv-5r cable because nowhere can I find a programming cable only to uv-s9 plus. I think the uv-5r cable will be ok on the uv-s9 plus. Am I right? Will it be okay? - Thank you for your answer

    Antwort 18/12/2021
  • markmcc60 @Mirec82 sorry for slow reply... Yes it is same cable

    Antwort 09/05/2022
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