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Aquaboy87 2020-05-26 04:53:56
Fast delivery and easy checkout. The package and printer packaged very well. Setup was very easy and quick. German instructions and suitable tools as well as spare parts available. After I had to search for a profile on their website, I also found a suitable slicer profile on the Internet for Simplify3D. Everything is on the USB stick for ReptierHost. Processing great. Very neat structure and great design. Fan and the motor driver are very quiet. The LED at the hot end is great. The first own print went flawlessly. The printing speed is amazing too. Very fast and still good quality. Minimal stringing and little warping, but with a different setting in the slicer, the prints are good now. The Components hold on the print bed and when cooled, they can be easily removed. I had to convert all of my printers beforehand, the Sidewinder X1 is simply awesome. I can get started right away. The functions with the bright display are easy to understand, even a filament change. The quality remains the same and I don't have the feeling that I have to improve anything. Perfect for beginners and also as a work machine. There is a guarantee seal under the printer and there was also a quality protocol, just great. I really can't say anything more, except for a clear buy recommendation for people who interested in 3D printing. Banggood also makes a serious impression. Five stars for everything:) Regards Sebastian
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  • rmewes Thanks for the detailed review!

    Antwort 2020-11-13 15:05:54
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