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Chordmerchant 2020-05-20 19:47:40
I just received these shoes today and I’ve got to tell you. My first impression was, wow! they are super nice looking and extremely well made shoes. the steel toe is the “real deal” too. unfortunately, I wear and ordered size US 10 shoes. I put the left shoe on first as I always do and all was good. a perfect fit. The right shoe, not so much. it is so tight on my foot (especially in the toe area) that I can see they are not going to be wearable. it feels like it’s a half, to whole size smaller. it’s marked the same as the left shoe, but it is “painfully” obvious that it is smaller. I’m really disappointed because otherwise, I love these shoes! I definitely need to return them for another pair that are (hopefully) going to both be a size 10.
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