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MichiganMike 2018-01-14 00:45:43
Overall quality of this stand is very nice. A solid stand for the Mustool digital microscope. The movement to adjust up and down is very smooth. There is an adjustment screw on the back that adjusts the friction of the movement vertically, which makes it able to adjust how loose the arm moves. The big problem I found with this stand was that the arm is parallel to the viewing plane. This caused the light from the microscope to reflect back into the lens, thus washing out the image on a shiny surface. I wanted to use this to solder small parts on a shiny circuit board and it just didn't work. Too shiny! To correct this problem I used a wire of a thickness of .65mm to make a slight angle to the viewing plane. See images to observe the wire/shim in place. After modifying the stand it works much better.
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